Whipped Charcoal & Pear Body Polish


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Exfoliation Level: Light

I'm going to be 100% honest with you and tell you that I do not use soap to wash my body. I can appreciate really nicely crafted beautiful scented soap, but my main reasons are that 1. It's drying on the skin because it's pH is more alkaline than our skin's pH. 2. I'm lazy and it's a lot of work to lather up a bar of soap. 3. I discovered syndet technology which is basically all the cleaning lathery goodness of soap but just not as harsh. 

And so I made syndet bars. I call them "Softie Bars" because they're just so soft on the skin, but, sadly, also so soft in texture at room temperature that I have yet to find a good way to package them that will keep its shape. This product is not a Syndet bar. It's even better. Being lazy and also captivated by the exfoliant's promise of soft, glowing skin, I added polishing ingredients to the syndet bar, whipped it up and put it in a jar.

This body polish was formulated for my husband, who loves charcoal, wonderfully scented things and hygiene MORE than I do!