What are the chemical names at the end of my ingredient list?

We have provided complete ingredient lists for you so you know exactly what's in your product. At the end of the list, you may see some ingredient names that are not common or easily recognized, like Limonene, Isoeugenol, and Benzyl Alcohol. These are naturally occurring terpenes found in essential oils that can cause dermal sensitization in certain individuals. We've done the proper safety assessment for each product to ensure that essential oils are used in accordance with the IFRA code of practice. Although Canadian regulations do not require these fragrance substances to be declared, we choose to follow the practices prescribed in the EU and include them voluntarily for transparency and safety. 


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    I only use plant-based ingredients.

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    If there's an effective, accessible herb for it, it's in the formula.

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    There are 50+ shades of "natural", so I choose to define my products by what's excluded.

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