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Hi, I'm Sylvia.

And Forage & Soothe is my pet project. It seems that I can't really decide between a career in the highly scientific and technical world of quality management and having fun making products in my home lab, so I'm doing both.

This is Forage & Soothe Botanicals.

Forage & Soothe Botanicals was a 'happy accident'. When building a to-be commercial kitchen on my rural property, I realized I didn't really want to jump through hoops to get my water source and septic approved for commercial food use, so I decided to pick a different hobby to turn into a business and Forage & Soothe was born.

Forage & Soothe is about foraging the best quality herbs and natural ingredients to make herbal remedies and vegan skincare and cosmetics we need and love. I make each product in small batches and follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

You can find me with my selection of products at local markets.


It's more than just a theme for me here at Forage & Soothe - herbs are central to my business and the driving force for what I do.  From gathering cedar leaves and poplar buds from the wild to harvesting locally grown lemon balm, working directly with the plant material whenever possible allows me to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between the herbs, the ingredients, and my customers who use my products.  


Let the bees keep their honey. Not only do I avoid using beeswax in my products, I simply stick to vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.


I try to live a natural life and that extends to my products.

My products are free from:
Aluminum Chlorhydrate
Formaldehyde or formaldehyde donors (e.g. Cocamide DEA, MEA, TEA)
Heavy metals (lead, mercury)
Micronized ingredients, e.g. nanoparticles, microbeads
Mineral oil
Petroleum derived ingredients
Polyethylene glycol
Silicone-derived emollients
Synthetic fragrances